Cy Sorry.Cytherea’s Blog Battle

If you have been following Cytherea for any period of time, you have probably noticed that she’s just been — to use the technical term — Really Freakin’ Busy.

After a few months of best efforts, and more than a few really sad thoughts, she has decided to put her Blog efforts on pause for a bit.

The “Cytherea” on her site(s) will always really be Cytherea. Most importantly, she still remains devoted to the Message Board in her Members’ section.

Those important facts finally swayed Cy, as she has always refused to let other people just pretend to be her on her blog. Obviously she has a team of people that help with her membership site, and all of us truly enjoy the time we spend with her. Even on that large-scale effort, though, Cytherea never allows anyone to just sign her name to anything. She works closely with us. She approves everything we do, and honestly it makes her very happy to be able to claim this unique stance.

Not very many women in the adult business actually do more than do a few shoots every few months for “their” sites. Well, they collect the checks, but after an initial few months of super-excitement in the “Oh, this is great, and I really, really love it!” passes, they traditionally move along. We suggested a person dedicated just to blog posts, but Cytherea decided against it.

Cytherea likes to be responsible for herself. … And we love her for it.

“Thank you for thinking of me. I do my best.”
— Cytherea